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Trollin' Bucket Cat Empty Trollin' Bucket Cat

Post  Sayke on Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:16 pm


Okay, so I was washing my face and all
and then my cat came in and he started trolling
and he was like "maaaaow"
and i was like "maaaaow"
and then he was like "maaaow"
and then i was like "maaaaow"
and then i looked at him
and then he looked at me
and he was like "maaaaaow"
and then i poked him with my toe
and ran away snickering Surprised

and to think you guys don't believe in bucket cat..
Trollin' Bucket Cat L_o_v_10
I love you Love my Boo
Kissed by Gwynn
Kissed by Gwynn

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